1. You wait in hopes that new love can take the place of the old — which it can. But “…that doesn’t mean you will ever stop loving each other. Some people will love each other until the day they die, spending the majority of their lives apart. And so is the darker side of love….”


  2. It takes so much work sometimes to keep breathing

  3. The truth will set you free, and you will be free indeed.

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    The Front Bottoms- Skeleton (x)

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    How To Deal With A Crush

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  7. I’ve decided that nobody in the world may read my tumblr posts and that’s fine. It’s really just a place for me to vent, but really it’s a way to look into my soul. My deep inner thoughts that I Usaully don’t share. I read some old texts the other day and got pretty sad. It’s kinda like I meant / mean nothing to you. But it was all the sudden. My life. Today would have been perfect to cuddle. Sunday’s used to be my favorite day. It’s so crisp and autumn like out. I really just have a passion and desire to love and be loved. But it’s at the right time. I think it scared you that you found what you had always been looking for. It scared me at first too but now I can’t get you of my head. It sucks.

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